On the Edge...

What I'm wearing...jeans: Mossimo (Target), top: Forever 21, heels: Mossimo (Target), necklace: Forever 21, watch: Michelle, bracelets: H&M

I was feeling a little edgy today! I just love this new mixed media top from Forever 21. It's faux leather in the front and soft cotton in back, comfort with a little edge! A top like this pairs perfectly with a distressed jean and an edgy pump. Add on a few spiky bracelets and rock on!



Polka Dots & Pearls...

What I'm wearing...dress: J Crew, heels: Classiques Entier (Nordstrom), bag: Michael Kors

When I first got this dress it was way too long! (I'm confident that J Crew only makes dresses for girls who are 6 feet tall!) I took it to my seamstress and had it hemmed above the knee. Never shy away from a dress you love because it's not quite right. You could be just one simple alteration away from the perfect dress!



Faux Crop Top...

What I'm wearing...top: Target, skirt: Mossimo (Target), shoes: Mossimo (Target), watch: Michelle

If you want to try out the latest crop top trend but you're not totally ready to commit, fake it! Knot a regular tee in the back to mimic the look without the risk! If half way through the night you get cold feet (or a cold torso!) just untie the knot for a more classic look. Happy risk taking!



Keep it Neutral...

What I'm wearing...jeans: Simply Vera Wang (Khols), top: Simply Vera Wang (Khols), heels: Guess, bag: Coach, necklace: Forever 21

Let's face it ladies, sometimes it's best to just keep it neutral! When I'm at a loss for what to wear, all neutral tones is always a go to uniform for me. Break up the neutral with a darker denim and pair it with some simple gold accessories and you're on your way!



Dalmatian Diva...

What I'm wearing...skirt: Forever 21, sweater: Cable & Gauge, heels: Steve Madden, watch: Michael Kors, cell phone case: Kate Spade

I just love it when my cell phone matches my outfit!



70's Nautical...

What I'm wearing...top: Mossimo (Target), jeans: London Jean (Victoria's Secret), wedges: See by Chloe, clutch: Kate Spade, watch: Anne Klein

Sometimes a high waisted trouser jean can be the perfect alternative when you find yourself in a skinny jean rut! They are classic, comfortable, and always in style! For best results, pair them with a wedge sandal or a round toed pump.



Shorts Suit...

What I'm wearing...blazer: H&M, shorts: Mossimo (Target), blouse: Apt.9 (Khols), clutch: Aldo, heels: Michael Antonio (DSW), watch: Movado

The shorts suit is this spring's alternative to the more traditional skirt or pant suit. Match up pieces you already have in your closet like I did, or try contrasting colors as well. Think a white linen pair of shorts with a navy blazer, endless possibilities!



Distressed Mellon...

What I'm wearing...top: Mudd (Khols), jeans: Mossimo (Target), heels, Mossimo (Target), clutch: Apt.9 (Khols), jewelry: Jewel Mint, watch: Anne Klein



Navy Cream...

What I'm wearing...dress: H&M, shoes: Target, bangles: Khols, watch: Michelle



Blue Green...

What I'm wearing...jeans: Marshalls, blouse: Jella Couture, shoes: Target, bag: Nine West, necklace: Joyce Leslie, watch: Michael Kors